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Equine sport medicine

In SERVEQ we are  horse vets specialize in equine sports medicine and is where we focus all our efforts. By sports medicine service attend to horses undergoing great physical effort, we  putting  a final target to your horse to participate in competitions in the best way possible.

We provide a full service veterinary horse considering all veterinary aspects of the competition and training we offer:

  • Caballo-Pre.Final diagnosis of lameness and management of sport-related orthopedic injuries.
  • Determining the cause that produces orthopedic injuries in horses to establish the most suitable as well as implement preventive treatment.
  • Diagnosis and treatment in horses with poor performance by a thorough analysis of each case study the possible causes as little apparent lameness, analysis of the biomechanics of locomotion, liver, heart, respiratory or hematological problems.
  • Application and design of new training programs based upon each particular horse.


Us as horse vets recognize the importance of complete recovery from his horse before resuming the exercise or training, establishing guidelines for monitoring, nutrition programs and specific control and implementation programs of rehabilitation for each case.

Using treatments with innovative techniques such as regenerative medicine application with very good results such as the therapies with growth factors (PRP) and stem cells among other techniques that we offer. 

Having traveled and experienced major equine centers in the world has opened many doors at once has allowed us to strengthen ties with numerous colleagues friends in different countries.

The constant training helps us stay at the forefront of new techniques and this, coupled with our technical resources, helps us decide the most appropriate protocol when rule accurate diagnoses and effective treatments performance.tenno_springt

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