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Horses Prepurchase exam

Blood Tests

Blood Tests

Buying a new horse isan exciting time and often requires substantial investment. You have worked hard for their money and want to make sure your money is well spent and we must be alert and well advised when buying and selling horses. We may examine your new horse from nose to tail.

A horses prepurchase exam includes a complete physical examination, comprehensive assessment of lameness, conformation analysis, respiratory examination, radiographicin horses, examination, laboratory blood analysis (complete equine profile, blood drug analysis, analysis of specific diseases depending on the case) review ophthalmic, oral exam including …

Specific concerns of the future owner are treated with special attention to the intended use of the horse horses radiographs neck and spine for example, blood tests, drug tests, horses endoscopy, horses ultrasound  exams and fit reproductore additional components are often recommended by our Horse Vets or requested by the future owners.

Horses prepurchase exam

Horses prepurchase exam – radiographs and ultrasound in horses

Horses prepurchase exam  - clinical examination

Horses prepurchase exam – clinical examination

foto numero  1 - ULTIMA FOTO EN PRE-COMPRA