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 Growth Factors in horses (PRP)

 centrifufacion Local infiltration of autologous plasma rich in platelet growth factors in horses (PRP) is a widely used in equine sports medicine by horses vet, primarily in the treatment of tendon and ligament therapy, these techniques of cell regeneration is also used to speed healing of muscular injuries and joints as well can also be associated with surgeries, promoting tissue healing Horses suffering injuries to tendons and ligaments not normally do well in his return to athletic competition, due to the limited resilience of tendons .

The repair tissue is often functionally inferior to normal tendon tissue increasing the risk of re-injury. Normal tendon uninjured presents a large amount of collagen type 1.

After injury, tend to be repaired tendons with a large amount of collagen type 4. 

prp-6Type 1 collagen is composed of long fibers with a few cross-links. In contrast, type 4 collagen, is formed by short fibers with many cross-links. These short fibers of type 4 do not move independently, and therefore are more susceptible to re-injury.

The main advantages of Platelet Growth Factors or platelet rich plasma (PRP) are:

  • Promueve Intense neovascularization of the injured tissue which helps nutrition, oxygenation, tissue removal of toxic metabolites.

  • Growth factor in horses increases cellularity associated with the alignment of tendon fibers stimulating regeneration of fibers type 1 in tendons.

  • Stimulate the healing process, reduce pain and speed healing. Tissue including.

  • Impruvement half recovery time and enabling a return to a sports animal life quality.

  • The Growth factors in horses promote the healing of bone, tendon and ligament injuries. In wounds accelerates differentiation of epithelial tissues and reorganization. 

 Growth Factors in horses

Growth Factors in horses

 The collection and preparation of platelet-rich plasma is simple, non-invasive and takes only about 30 minutes. First, blood is collected from the jugular vein of the horses by horse vet. Then transferred to a holding device, which is placed on a portable centrifuge. By mild sedation plasma rich platelet infiltrates in the lesion under ultrasound guidance. Repeat treatments are recommended two or three times and observing the evolution. Horses treated with PRP must undergo a rigorous training under the supervision of the horse vet planning the gradual increase in exercise.