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 Stem cell therapy in horses

infiltration of stem cells in the tenndon

Infiltration of stem cells in the tenndon

Mesenchymal stem cells are undifferentiated cells that exist in the bone marrow. These stem cells have the potential for unlimited capacity for cell reproduction and differentiation in response to their local environment.
The purpose of introducing mesenchymal stem cells in a ligament or tendon injury, is to provide a source of cells capable of differentiating into collagen-producing cells and thereby promote tissue organization.
Mesenchymal stem cells are used by horse vets to treat digital flexor tendon injuries of the superficial and deep lesions of the suspensory ligament and sesamoid ligament injuries, etc..

According to the process of cell division progresses, the degree of “in differentiation” of cells is less and this leads to different types of stem cells with their various applications in regenerative medicine.

Stem cells autologous mesenchymal (CMMA)

HipodromoThe procedure involves removing a sample of bone marrow fat or injured horse under sedation and local anesthesia with the animal standing procedure performed by a qualified horse vet. The sample is sent by mail to the company VetCell laboratory in UK, associated with SERVEQ where the stem cells are cultured, a process that takes an average of 18 days. Cultured cells then are sent to SERVEQ, ready for implantation ultrasound directly into the lesion by horse vets.


Stem cells mesenchymal cord (CMMCU)

Are obtained from the umbilical cord by horse vet for processing within 6 hours after birth of the foal. These CMM are stored for later use. In further damage of the donor’s own autologous then call or also may be utilized in any other horse allogeneic then be called.
The results offered by CMMCU is very good, and with two major advantages over the CMMA; we should not wait 18 or 25 days to be grown, you can start the treatment from day one and does not require any invasive veterinary procedure  to obtain it.


Stem cell heterologous mesenchymal (CMMH)

This type of mesenchymal cells are the most revolutionary. They are isolated from peripheral blood allogenic (derived from a donor horse) to which they are induced tenogenicas characteristics are specialized for regenerating CMM tendons and ligaments.
The advantages compared to the first mentioned; treatment can be started from the first day and do not require invasive intervention as not cause any complications and even has been shown to produce a significant reduction in inflammatory mediators.

The results of these new techniques in human and equine athletes have proven to be spectacular.

Horses after one of these processes are subjected to a carefully controlled and specific by horse vet for each case rehabilitation program.

Feel free to contact SERVEQ if interested in stem cell therapy as a treatment option for your horse.
We are happy to advise both the costs associated as to whether or not an appropriate treatment for your horse.