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Surgery in horses


We Surgery equipment needed for surgery in horses and are the product of an emergency or of a predetermined program. The fact that I had the opportunity to work in the past in reference centers with large casuistry in surgery led me to adquirir adequate experience and training that allow me to solve the situations encountered daily in the mobile clinic.

  • Surgery in horsesGeneral Surgery in horses: abscesses, wounds, dental extractions, enucleation, hernia, neonatal surgery persistent urachus …
  • Surgery in horses of reproductive system: rectovaginal fistulas Caslick, castrations …
  • Surgery of the respiratory system: soft palate, trepanation, sinusitis, thoracentesis.
  • Orthopaedic Surgery in horses: Fractures (less internal fixation), neurectomies, soft tissue, flexural deformation and angular deviations, tenotomy, desmotomy, suture tendons, etc..


Surgery in horses
Surgery in horsesSurgery in horsesSurgery in horsesSurgery in horses